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Virtual Tours from Design Connect

Use Virtual Tours to promote attractions online with material generated to focus on what's great near you.

The featured video is a compilation of virtual tours that take you from Cardiff, briefly over London finally doing a few turns around the impressive architecture at the Olympic Stadium...

View more videos below, just expand the headings, read the caption then click play. We hope that these demonstrate how virtual tours may be used to bring on-line attention to your attraction.
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A walk in the hills

A view of Snowdon, North Wales

Feeling energetic? Go for a walk in the hills of Wales to get fit and at the same time take in some really outstanding scenery... or .. if you prefer: watch the video; 

It travels a predetermined path looking at a focus point while changing altitude and speed. Our unique software makes the design and development of the tour quick, easy and more importantly these days cost effective.

Click the video to start it or there is also a link here.

View 3D buildings

Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, UK

Your own attractions can be modelled then viewed in Google Earth. Whole cities are already complete giving very life-like tours when viewed on a PC or phone.

Click the video to start it or there is also a link here.


Britannia bridge, Menai Straits, Wales, UK

A short video showing the impressive detail of the model that brings the surrounding topographical detail to life. Emphasis can be given to attractions so that visitors take in what's great nearby.

Click the video to start it or there is also a link here.


Cardiff and it's Castle

Google has Cardiff as one of it's designated '3D' cities giving excellent views when viewed on a virtual tour.

This example runs at a fixed height moving over a predetermined path.  See other examples that allow you to 'fly in' to the the City, the next video allows you to drop into Streetview.

Click the video to start it or there is also a link here.

Drop into Streetview

Finish a tour on your doorstep

Trigonometry and math brings this Google Earth tour to land without too much of a bump. Use this to finish a tour of the surroundings on your doorstep or as a transition to a virtual drive in your immediate area as can be seen in the next video.

Click the video to start it or there is also a link here.

From virtual tour to ..

a short virtual drive ?

We can focus attention on attractions near you by touring at ground level.

Click the video to start it or there is also a link here.

Describe Routes

Walking up Snowdon

At 17 seconds one of our quicker walks.. Our GPS tracking Application generates data that directly imports to Google Earth and Google Maps.

This allows you to view the path taken and scroll to examine details such as time, elevation, rest periods, speed. With a host of possible applications we think this is an extremely good way of illustrating routes on promotional material such as websites or blogs. Come back soon or contact us to see further examples of this that are currently under development

Click the video to start it or there is also a link here.

How it's done

It's easy !

Let's talk to understand what it is you're trying to achieve then we'll work to design material that shows your attraction in the best light.

We provide code that looks after complex calculations to give a smooth and professional tour focusing on the agreed points of interest. We've reduced the amount of time necessary to make the tour thereby making it affordable, quick and easy.

We deliver a tour file that you can use in your promotional material,  if you're not sure how we'll help there too.

Start this off by getting in touch via our contact page or DM right now via twitter @_designconnect

Viewing problems? Try this link to watch it on our YouTube channel

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